We have separated TV/ Media applications and Broadcast. By TV/ Media, we generally mean pre-recorded footage, and broadcast being footage transmitted live (or instant action replay), which historically has never been achievable in a slow motion camera. True, there are a few cameras today which can offer instant action replay, but they tend to have modest frame rates (circa 300fps) and a rolling shutter.


All IDT cameras have a global shutter, and we are developing, for launch in Autumn 2017, a system which has is capable of streaming images at over 1000fps in a quality which can directly be broadcast with the image quality to match any TV channels demands. The infrastructure will allow for the very compact camera head to be connected with very long fibre optic cabling to the recorder, where recordings can be viewed and transmitted, even while the recording is still being made.

Trials of the camera have already been broadcast, and the reactions from these trials have been extremely positive.

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