We have separated TV/ Media applications and Broadcast. By TV/ Media, we generally mean pre-recorded footage, and broadcast being footage transmitted live (or instant action replay), which historically has always been a challenge for a slow motion camera. True, there are a few cameras today which can offer instant action replay, but they tend to have modest frame rates (circa 300fps) and a rolling shutter.


The XStream Mini camera, when connected to the XStream Time Capsule is a revolutionary camera system that delivers simultaneous LIVE and SLOW MOTION video streams while offering the ability of transferring images at 10G Ethernet speed to your computer if required. Its compact size is ideal for live broadcast action sports. The XSM Series supports an image resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 5350 fps, or 4K (4096 x  2160) @ 1000fps and has an image storage capacity of 2TB in SSD memory. With the simultaneous LIVE and SLOMO REPLAY, recordings can still be stored, even when playing back a previous recording. No event will be missed.

Control is either from a computer, or from standard OCP and RCP controllers, making it ideal for outside broadcast (OB) environments.


IDT CCM high-speed camera

For applications that don’t require long duration recording, like action replays for sports that have specific action requiring capture; for instance horse racing or soccer, the Mini HD records in a loop to DRAM. After triggering, the footage can instantly be replayed. It can even be set to automatically trigger, then automatically start playing back, so you may even get away with no operator.

Control can either be from software (laptop, iPhone app etc), or a standard RCP, making it slot into a standard OB (outside broadcast) environment.

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