Particle Image Velocimetry – see the flow

View Particle Image Velocimetry – see the flow

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is an optical method of flow visualisation, where particles are tracked, to form a vector diagram, showing the flow pattern and flow rates of a fluid. It is generally carried out in 2D, but 3D PIV is a powerful tool for more advanced users. PIV can be carried out in liquids…

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View Lighting

High speed imaging requires a short shutter speed, and therefore a lot of light. Traditional tungsten lighting produces high quantities of heat, which can cause tremendous problems. LED lighting offers significant benefits over tungsten lights, not only as they output negligible heat, but also: White LED lights are daylight coloured so can be mixed with…

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Framing Rate vs. Shutter Speed

View Framing Rate vs. Shutter Speed

Many users of high speed cameras often ask about the difference between framing rate and shutter speed (aka exposure time). Both are to do with time, and to a certain extent there is a dependancy of one on the other, so I can fully understand where the confusion comes from. In short, frames per second…

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