Engineering covers a very wide range of applications. In addition to selecting a suitable speed and resolution, a camera that can withstand being in the test environment (heat, vacuum, humidity etc) and be controlled from a safe distance are important factors. Some of the factors to consider are as follows:


How small does the camera need to be? If the camera needs to be suspended overhead, or moved rapidly, a smaller camera, such as the CrashCam Mini or the XStream Mini Series might be most suited. Cameras such as the ultra-fast Phoenix or the XS II are small and are furthermore equipped with IDT’s XStream Fiberoptic technology for streaming further distances up to 2 km.


If you require a camera to operate in a vacuum, have a look at the CrashCam Mini range of cameras. It is also IP68 rated, so can operate in some fairly demanding locations. For extreme conditions, ask us about environmental housings.


Are you needing to connect the camera to a microscope? Have a look at the CrashCam mini 3510 or the XSM-4K, as small pixels are an advantage. Read the application report here. Maybe you need to connect to an endoscope (boroscope). If so, a small camera is a great advantage. Have a look at the CrashCam Mini.


IDT cameras are very suited for use with lasers of various wavelengths. We even make models with laser timing hubs built in. IDT’s first camera was developed for PIV applications, and today, all include double exposure and are suited to PIV usage. for 3D PIV, pairs of cameras can be synchronised with each other very easily. For PIV applications, a high resolution camera, such as the Phoenix UHD, OS II-5K, XS II-4K or 5K, XSM-4K or 5K, or CCM-5K would be recommended.


Digital Image Correlation demands that the cameras are low noise and high resolution. The OS II-4K or OS II 3530 would be our recommended camera for DIC.

If we haven’t mentioned your application, please contact us to discuss now. Our team have extensive industry experience in a wide variety of fields.

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