Is it a liquid? Is it a solid? – A look at non-Newtonian fluid behaviour

NonNewtonianPunchA non-newtonian fluid is one that behaves as a solid when too much force is applied – see wikipedia for more information.

The fluid we are using is 50% water and 50% cornflour. It can be stirred quite happily, and is the texture of runny honey when not stirred too vigorously. But when hit it behaves very differently. A normal fluid would splash everything in sight, but this fluid instantly solidifies, and no splashes are visible.

See the slow motion footage on the IDT YouTube channel. “Its feels weird, like a firm rubber block”

Find out more about the equipment used on the IDT website.

There are several fairly everyday events that look great in slow motion. Comment here if you’d like to see something else filmed in slow motion. All suggestions will be considered.

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