New Streaming Cameras: X-Stream 720p & 1440p

The compact and cost effective X-Stream range of cameras is set to replace all the applications of the M-Series (which also streams direct to computer and has been available for many years) but in addition, satisfy many more applications.

This is because it has many advanced features, and has two brand new sensors, which are very light sensitive and extremely low noise. The advanced features – never before seen on a high speed camera – include:

  • Live slow motion. Not a strobed simulation of slowmotion, but real live slowmotion. Images are captured at the full frame rate (eg 1500fps), and instantly replay a small number of them (eg 25) over a short period (eg 1 second), then every second, the most up to date images are played. (available in MotionInspector software)
  • Record while saving. Conventionally, whilst saving images, the camera is out of action, so events may be missed, but not with the X-Stream cameras. Multiple actions can be carried out simultaneously, so if you need to review downloaded images or download images but still need to trigger the next recording you can now do so. There is no dead time – no missed events.

Being able to stream to over 400fps at 1440p, or 750fps at full HD, and alleviating the bottleneck of downloading images after every take, the XS-1440p is a very attractive solution for studio based media applications, where workflow is always the key factor.

For full information on the X-Stream cameras, please see the camera page, or contact us for a demonstration.

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