With such a variety of applications for our high speed cameras, the software options for control are ever growing. For a single camera used in the field, the demands and requirements are very different from a camera network in a lab. So, which software is best? You decide…

MotionStudio has evolved over the years, and remains the most powerful package for controlling IDT cameras. Many advanced features are included:

  • Control of large networks of cameras
  • On screen data, including watermarks, logos, timing information, test information etc
  • Automated features such as auto-download, auto-arm, motion triggering etc
  • Advanced timing control of hubs
  • Timing control for PIV/ DIC applications
Part of software screenshot showing advanced PIV/ DIC timing control options
Advanced PIV / DIC timing control options

MotionInspector runs on Windows, MacOS and iOS. Most of the screen is the live image, so you can concentrate on the image. Most of the advanced features of MotionStudio are maintained, and in addition, when using to cameras, there’s the option to display the composite image as an anaglyph (that’s the red/green image made up from two camera images, which when viewed with red/green glasses, create a 3D image in the screen)

MotionPad also runs on Windows, MacOS and iOS, but is specifically written for phones. Again, all the necessary functions are included, and up to four cameras can be controlled. Simply swipe to change from one camera to the next. If the phone is rotated through 90 degrees, the live image fills the screen, otherwise, there are slide bars to adjust most of the settings.

Other control options:

  • MotionMonitor – Designed for our X-Stream cameras, and others that are designed to show live and slow motion simultaneously. The ‘wheel’ graphic has a unique look and easily confirms settings at a glance, whilst leaving all of the screen space available for the live (or replaying) images.
  • ProVision – A specialist PIV software, allowing for analysis of the captured images as well as synchronised camera ans laser control
  • LabVIEW and MATLAB – Drivers are available and included with all new cameras
  • SDK – The software development kit is available for users and developers to incorporate camera control into bespoke applications.
  • Third party appllications – A number of companies have already produced commercially available softwares for IDT camera control, including packages that control complete test labs, PIV systems etc

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