IDT can now supply ultra slomo for live sports coverage

Instant slow motion replays have always been a challenge for high speed cameras, as they tend to record to a volatile RAM and need downloading before a formatted results can be created.

CrashCam Mini 3510
The Mini HD, suitable for instant action replays at up to 1300fps at 1080P

In recent years, some ‘standard’ cameras have been able to frame at faster than normal rates, enabling slow motion replays at modest frame rates (eg recording at 150 frames/ second and replaying at 50, resulting in a 3x slomo replay), but what about ultra slomo; over 1000fps?

IDT have always worked at these higher rates and been known for clean images straight from very compact cameras The latest models include 3G or 12G SDI outputs, so the high quality footage can now be instantly replayed or recorded in glorious HD or 4K. Add to this, control by a standard RCP device and they seamlessly fit into your familiar OB infrastructure. The compact size, and wide choice of lens mount make them suitable for a wide variety of sports replays, including the more challenging POV applications, which can produce some pretty dramatic replays.

The R-Series includes dual SDI outputs, allowing recording to continue while slomo replays are being broadcast, so no action is missed or overlooked even in fast action or unpredictable sports. Other useful features include auto-exposure, motion triggering and remote lens controls, making the usage of a specialist ultra slomo camera simple.

IDT ultra slomo cameras are available in HD and 4K, and include both progressive and interlaced SDI outputs at 24, 25, 50 & 60Hz. IDT also manufacture recorders, which store the captured footage on non-volatile high-capacity media, alleviating the need to download.

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