Software for your High Speed Camera

There are several softwares available for your IDT high speed camera. Camera control software is required, and there’s a choice (with most IDT cameras) between MotionStudio and MotionInspector. For a couple of models you could also choose MotionMonitor. All these packages allow you to control camera(s), and save movies in a variety of formats. Recently introduced, MotionPad offers a very simple interface, with all the important controls right at your fingertips.

Control Devices

In addition to control from Windows or MAC computers, MotionInspector and MotionPad can be run from your iPad, resulting in a very compact system. Additionally, MotionPad can run on your phone (iPhone or Android), for the ultimate in compactness.

Software doesn’t end with captured images

Once you have your movie, TrackImage will allow you to correct the image (for distortion due to lens imperfections or perspective etc), and accurately track data points to extract calibrated motion data from your sequences. Once you have that, TrackReport will help you present this data in a clear format for your client.

ProVISION is a specialist software for controlling cameras for PIV (particle image velicometry) imaging. All analysis features and laser timing are included, so its the only software needed for PIV imaging.

Motion Studio

The MotionStudio software suite includes applications for the operation of the X-series, M-Series, Y-Series, N/NR-Series, NX-Series, Os-Series, CC-Series, O-Series and XS-Series digital cameras, the MotionPro timing hub (synchronisation unit), the MotionPro data acquisition system (DAS) module and Galileo wireless synchronisation system. For the advanced user, it includes an SDK (software development kit), and plug-ins for Nation Instruments LabVIEW. MotionStudio works with Windows.

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Motion Inspector

The MotionInspector software suite includes applications for the operation of the NR-Series, NX-Series, Y-Series, Os-Series and CC-Series digital cameras. MotionInspector allows the control of one or two cameras, and includes 3D visual tools. MotionInspector operates on Windows, MAC OS and Apple iOS (iPad)

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MotionPad software offers a simple interface covering all the main feature sets of NX, O, Os, CC & CCM cameras. MotionPad allows the control of up to four cameras from your iPad or phone (iPhone or Android).

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TrackImage – Automated Motion Analysis

TrackImage is a powerful motion analysis and tracking package, which automates video analysis in 2D and 3D from high speed movies and image sequences. There are several independent modules, each of them dedicated to a special application. Operates on Windows.

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TrackReport – Video analysis reporting software

TrackReport offers a full data visualisation and analysis environment, where interactivity and automation help creating simulation or test reports. Configurable report models handle data post-processing algorithms as well as the graphical setup. This makes TrackReport the most powerful video analysis reporting software available.

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The ProVISION-XS package includes the newset PIV image acquisition and processing software. It supports the MotionPro X, Y, MotionScope M and SharpVISION cameras

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