Signal analysis and automated report generation

TrackReport offers a full data visualisation and analysis environment, where interactivity and automation help creating simulation or test reports. Configurable report models handle data post-processing algorithms as well as the graphical setup.

The development of these report models is very intuitive and smooth, thanks to the various calculus libraries and a complete and dynamic graphical object suite: text areas, curves, tables, images, videos, color maps, bar charts, 3D-animations…

The report models thus enable the generation of an accurate data set analysis and the corresponding report.
Although being a standard and generalist tool, TrackReport’s architecture remains open, enabling the user to develop specific data import/export functions, or new calculus libraries. TrackReport is now widely used to analyze and compare test and simulations in various fields: automotive, aeronautics, spatial, cosmetics, energy, defence…

Report template creation

  • Graphical creation of test report templates
  • Dynamic text areas, 2D-curves, bar charts, tables, color maps, images, videos, image sequences

Import of various data formats

  • Standard formats
  • ASCII files reader wizard
  • Specific imports plug-in

Calculus libraries

  • Mathematics, statistics, interpolation…
  • Dialog boxes definition
  • Specific libraries plug-in

Automatic report generation

  • Interactive analyses
  • Animations, cursors
  • Data synchronization
  • Data set comparison/superposition

Automated unit management

  • Smooth unit recognition, conversion and management
  • Automatic learning of new units

Results and data exports

  • Standard formats
  • ASCII formats
  • Specific exports plug-in

Report export

  • Animated HTML reports
  • Image exports
  • Print…

User programming

  • TrackL Language, Visual C SDK
  • Tasks automation using Java Scripts

Optional modules

ASAM-ODS Client Module

  • ASAM-ODS database connection
  • Data import/export
  • Advanced search

3D Module

  • 3D graphical object
  • VRML import / export
  • Navigation and animations

Crash-Tests Calculations Module

  • CFC filters, biomechanical criteria (neck, head, chest, leg…)
  • Restraint systems norms
  • Regulation implementation

Acoustic Calculations Module

  • A, B, C weighting, narrow-band, octave or third-octave conversion, OASPL, PNL, TC…
  • Regulation implementation

Download the TrackReport Product Datasheet

TrackReport Datasheet


Please note: TrackReport is not available in all countries/ territories through IDT. Please contact us, but we may pass your enquiry to another vendor, or ORME

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