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High speed camera innovation

At IDT, we never stand still. High speed camera innovation is what we do, always thinking of the next technological leap. Whilst we don’t share all our research, here you’ll see a couple of interesting products to look forward to. We are uniquely able to keep ahead of the crowd as we design and manufacture all components from the sensor upwards. We listen to our key customers, and all our products are designed for use in particular applications.

XStream 1440p – PCI 3.0 x 4 lanes

Adding to the existing X-Stream range of cameras, will be the X-Stream 1440p – PCI 3.0 x 4 lane, complete with a motorised Micro 4/3″ lens mount. Control of the lens setting is included in MotionStudio and MotionInspector softwares.

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XStream mini HD

The XStream mini HD is capable of delivering continuous streams of high definition images at up to 1,000 fps.

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