Use an IDT high speed camera, and you’ll realise that they reflect the pinnacle of high speed imaging technology. A variety of digital and analogue high speed imaging sensors offer a wide spectrum of performance and support each high speed camera series. Currently, we offer product five high speed camera series, each tailored to different applications: NX, NXA, Os, O, CrashCam, CrashCam Mini, X-Stream, and Y. There are more to follow too. See our future products page for a sneak preview. we never stand still.


X-Stream cameras are ultra compact and built for efficiency with no internal memory as they are linked to a computer using the very fast PCIe interface. Most other ranges utilise Gigabit Ethernet interface for fast and efficient networking. In addition, video interfaces such as HDMI and HD-SDI are available on some models. Many models also include a second (non-volatile) memory, for the ultimate in data security.


For more independence, some models offer Wi-Fi connectivity and built in battery. When coupled with the iPad control app (iMotionInspector), you have a very powerful portable high speed camera solution.