These legacy products are here for informational purposes only. However, we try to support all IDT cameras for as long as possible. Do you need us to look at your camera? Contact us now.


The IDT NX-Series is a compact cameras system with flexible mounting options, designed for harsh environments such as automotive impact testing. 5GB of on board DDR memory provides storage for 4,866 full resolution images. The NX is rated to withstand up to 200G in shock and 40G in vibration and supports all optical interfaces from 1″ aperture.

The CrashCam Mini (CCM) has replaced the NX-Series, and is an even more compact range of cameras with higher resolution sensors and higher frame rates.

CrashCam Mini series
NX Series Camera

Y Series

With extremely low noise levels and high light sensitivity, the Y Series performs well for those whose needs encompass both detail and speed, such as product testing automobiles and engines.

The Y Series are replaced by the OS series

OS series
Y Series Camera


IDT’s MotionScope M-Series comprises a compact camera head, connected to a CameraLink frame grabber, designed for recording for long periods of time, by streaming images directly to a host computer. M3 records continuously at 520 fps with a full resolution of 1280 x 1024, and the M5 up to 130fps at 2336 x 1728 pixels directly to hard drive. Examples of useful applications of the M systems include automated industrial uses, such as assembly line malfunction prevention and detection, and scientific uses including sustained observation of microscopic or quick-moving subjects.

The X-Stream 720p and 1440p have replaced the M-Series, and benefit from higher resolution sensors, higher frame rates and a more efficient interface of PCI Express.

X-Stream Series

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