TrackImage is a powerful motion tracking package, for 2D and 3D motion analysis of high speed movies and image sequences. There are several independent modules, each of them dedicated to a special application, with a fully automated analysis of the image sequence: trajectography, deformation tracking, objects inlay and contact analysis, air bag expansion, speed field calculation… TrackImage calculates all the dynamic parameters of the system under test: positions, speeds, accelerations, distances, angles, surfaces, compacity, frequencies…

Based on the most recently developed algorithms, TrackImage today a most powerful image analysis software tool which is used in a wide variety of fields: aeronautics, automotive, defense, energy, ergonomy, biology, geology, space, sports…

After carrying out motion analysis, the data can be exported in a variety of formats, or exported directly into a TrackReport template for simple presentation of data.



2D-Trajectography Tracking

  • Automatic motion tracking
  • Position, speed and acceleration calculations
  • Frequency analysis
  • Multi-tests synchronization and animations

Example: Deceleration and G-force measurements of vehicle and occupants during impact tests.


  • 3D-space calibration
  • Simple calibration procedure from 2 camera views
  • Automatic 3D-trajectory mapping
  • Post-processing and analysis

Example: More accurate X-Y-Z movement analysis, when motion is more complex

2D Calibration & Correction

  • Correct for lens distortions (J211 etc)
  • Create orthogonal camera view from oblique view
  • Correct perspective to enable accurate 2D tracking

Example: Create camera view from angle where positioning camera was not possible, for instance when pillar obscures view

Deformation Tracking

  • Automatic deformation tracking
  • Curvature, speed and acceleration calculations
  • Closed or open contour tracking

Example: Aircraft seat deformation during crash test

Virtual Objects

  • Virtual or real objects dynamic superposition
  • Virtual targets, virtual contours, masks, logos, texts…
  • Spatial and time synchronisation of sequences
  • Inter-objects contact analysis

Example: Tracking nose into airbag, when no longer visible

Airbag Analysis

  • Airbag deployment automatic contour tracking
  • Test comparison and validation
  • Surface evolution, front trajectory and velocity calculation
  • Measure critical distances

Example: Static airbag tests. Can be used in car too


  • Overlay two movies to highlight differences
  • Alter the scale and alignment to align images
  • Output new movie of the superimposed images

Example: Simple visual comparison of similar tests

Download the TrackImage Product Datasheet

TrackImage Datasheet


Please note: TrackImage is not available in all countries/ territories through IDT. Please contact us, but we may pass your enquiry to another vendor, or ORME

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