Get the most from your high speed camera

All of our cameras have their own specific high speed camera accessories, like networking devices and bespoke lens mounts. Please see the camera pages for those.

High speed camera accessories

In addition to these specific accessories, IDT, usign our extensive application knowledge, prefer to supply complete systems, including but not limited to photographic items like lenses, lighting, camera supports (tripods etc), software, control hardware…. IDT will ensure you have the most appropriate system for your application(s). IDT manufactures the best LED lighting which supplies the perfect light for most applications, but we also supply other lighting for more specialist applications.



Most of the above Kowa lenses are also available as crash-hardened versions. Perfect for use on high-G sleds or in crash tests.

Contact us for:

  • Tripods
  • Support Arms
  • Lenses (C Mount, F-Mount and others)
  • Lighting (LED, fibre, laser)
  • Cases (shipping cases, backpacks etc)
  • Software (control, analysis and reporting)
  • Control Devices (iPad, laptop etc)

If you’d like to discuss your application, or ask about accessories for your high speed camera, please networking devices today.