The Constellation 500F offers a high intensity luminous output in a compact form-factor and is well suited for applications which require quiet and efficient lighting. Extensive control options include DMX, WiFi and LAN. The Constellation 500F comes standard with a LED color temperature of 5000K and 24° beam angle reflector. Optional LED color temperatures and interchangeable beam angle reflectors are available.

  • Continuous and Pulse modes
  • High Luminous Output
  • Dimmable using DMX or Computer control
  • Remote control: DMX, WiFi and LAN
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Internal pulse generator with GPS, IRIG and PTP alignment
  • Swappable Beam Angles
  • Full Spectrum for Accurate Color Rendition

Further information on the Veritas website

CONSTELLATION 500F Specification Sheet


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