IDT supply many cameras to the automotive industry for impact testing. There are some features in common with the various applications within the industry, but many different demands too. Here are a few to consider.


IDT CCM high-speed camera

In general, the industry demand is HD (or near HD) at either 1000fps for most tests, or 4000 to 5000 fps for analysing airbag deployments. For full size crash tests and may other applications, the highest resolution possible is demanded. The CrashCam mini  models frame up to 5350 fps at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels or up to 500 fps at a resolution of 5K (5120 x 2880) pixels.


IDT CrashCam Stick-HD

If you need to mount the camera on board, the cameras would need to withstand the high G-forces produced during the test. Most of our cameras can withstand 200G. Sizeand weight also is very important, partly because of the addition to the test itself, but also as it will impact on the size and weight of the camera support bracket/ outrigger etc. The CrashCam Stick-HD frames at up to 1470fps at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels or up to 1000 fps at a resolution of 1920 x 1536 pixels and measures just 25 x 98 x 24mm.


With many automotive tests, multiple views are needed. Most of our cameras can be easily networked, with our own hubs, which network trigger, sync and power in addition to Ethernet. It frame sync’ing is required and no cables can be used, some of our cameras can symchronise to GPS timing, so all frames will be sync’d.



Most tests will not last long, so the standard built in DRAM will be perfectly satisfactory. With most camera models, more DRAM can be specified. The OS II 1540 is a compact camera offering crisp, high-resolution images in buffered or streaming mode. With its flexible design, OS II Series cameras can connect to a host PC via the 10Gbps ethernet interface or to XStream camera infrastructure via the XStreamLink interface. Enabling the ability to record track tests, rollover tests etc.


Off board testing. Have a look at the CrashCam Mini 3510, which offers a great resolution at 1000fps.

On board testing. Consider either the CrashCam Mini 1520 or the CrashCam Stick-HD  if the smallest solution is required. If airbag studies are required, have a look at the CrashCam Mini-HD (up to 5350fps at 1920×1080 pixels)

Airbag Analysis. Look at either the CrashCam Mini-HD, the OS II-HD (5330fps at 1920×1080 pixels) or the OS II 3530 (3000fps at 2560×1440 pixels)

Track testing/ long record time. An OS II Series camera connected to a XStream camera infrastructure via the XStreamLink interface will allow recording for long enough.